Fentanyl Protection via American-Made 100% Nitrile Gloves
Fentanyl Protection with Confidence

American-Made Fentanyl Protection Nitrile Gloves

Our American-made Fentanyl Protection Nitrile gloves provide exceptional strength, comfort and dexterity while protecting against a wide array of chemicals and drugs, particularly fentanyl.

Our gloves are 100% Nitrile and latex-free, silicon-free, and powder-free. Exceptionally durable with a beaded cuff, they can quickly be worn and removed without punctures or tears. And they provide exceptional comfort, dexterity and sensitivity while providing unparalleled levels of protection.

Our US-made gloves are ideal to protect:

Our Fentanyl Protection Nitrile Gloves

  • Tested Gloves
    Tested for Fentanyl
    Meets US FDA device license regulations, comply with ASTM standards, and cleared for use with chemotherapy drugs in accordance with ASTM D6978.
  • Gloves Made In USA
    Authentic US-based Production
    Made in the USA ensures quality and instills confidence in the safety and cleanliness of our products.
  • Quality Gloves
    Superior AQL
     Exceptional quality exceeding medical grade requirements, means reduced pinhole formation and better protection for users.
  • Glove Comfort
    Greater Comfort
    Soft and stretchy film fits like a second skin to minimize muscle fatigue and reduces risk of repetitive hand injuries.
  • Glove Sensitivity
    Enhanced Sensitivity
    Delivering exceptional dexterity and performance for tasks that require a precision feel.
  • Allergen Free Glove
    Reduced Allergens
    Our material and cleaning processes reduce the risk of Type I latex allergies and Type IV chemical allergies.
  • Fast and Reliable Delivery
    Fast and Reliable Delivery
    Our gloves are delivered on-time to ensure your team never runs out of the best protective gloves available.
  • Great Prices
    Great Prices
    The entire ranges of our Fentanyl Protection, 100% Nitrile Gloves are available at prices friendly to every budget.

  • Nitrile Glove Product Line

    (We offer three product lines: Steel, Slate, Granite)

    AMI Nitrile Glove Product Line
  • Summary Specifications

    (Varies by product line)

    Glove Specifications

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To inquire about our glove product line, obtain free samples or to order, please contact Robert Childs via email at robert@armoredmobility.com or by telephone at 408.888.5570.

You'll be delighted that you stepped up to our American-made 100% Nitrile gloves to protect your team from fentanyl and other dangers.


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