32 Rounds of 5.56x45mm ‐ No Penetrations
30 Rounds of 7.62x51mm 144 gr. (9.33g) L2A2 NATO Ball ‐ No Penetrations
The First and Only Mobile Ballistic Shield to Pass CAST Tests
AMI's Mobile Armored Shield Level III: The Best Available Today

Mobile Armored Ballistic Shield Level III: Best in Class

If you have to breach a door, conduct a search, respond to an active shooter situation or make a felony stop, then you need AMI's tested and proven Mobile Armored Ballistic Shield Level III.


AMI's Mobile Armored Shield Level III is large enough to provide full body and automobile protection (38" by 15" or 18") and meets NIJ 0108 Level III ballistic resistance standard.

As the first and only mobile ballistic shield to pass strenuous CAST ballistics tests, our MAS Level III took an amazing 32 rounds of 5.56x45mm 62 gr. (4.02g) at 2460fps without any penetration -- keeping users safe. A separate shield took a pounding of 30 rounds of 7.62x51mm 144 gr. (9.33g) L2A2 NATO Ball at 2725fps also yielding no penetration.

Ballistic Shield CAST Testing Results: 32 Rounds of 5.56mm

CAST Ballistics Test Results

Made primarily of Dyneema® rather than heavy steel or fragile ceramic, the MAS Level III is lightweight (16 to 22 lbs.) for tactical mobility reducing muscle fatigue and enhancing control over prolonged periods of use.

AMI's MAS Level III offers unrivaled stopping power for a wide variety of rounds -- from 30-06 to 7.62x51mm to 5.56mm LeMas Urban Warfare to 12 gauge high velocity slugs and beyond.

If you're called into action, you want and need AMI's MAS Level III.

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Mobile Armored Level III Green Tip Upgrade

If you need even more stopping power for M855/SS109 rounds, you can easily add or remove our Mobile Armored Shield Level III Green Tip Upgrade. The upgrade exoskin is made of steel encapsulated in high impact polyurethane (impervious to water, UV or temperature extremes) attaches in seconds using magnetsEasily Applying the MAS Upgrade within the Carrier. The Upgrade can also be removed when threats dissipate.
  • Mobile Armored Shield Green Tip Upgrade

    MAS Ballistic Upgrade
  • Easily Applying the Mobile Armored Shield Green Tip Upgrade

Please note that our shields are only available to Law Enforcement, Government Entities and the Military.

"Restriction on Possession or Purchase of Body Armor. It is against Federal Law for a person convicted of a violent felony to purchase or possess body armor. In addition, various States also have laws restricting the purchase or possession of body armor by persons convicted of drug crimes, certain felonies, or other crimes of violence. By purchasing body armor from AMI you acknowledge and certify that: (1) you have no felony convictions, (2) you have not been convicted of any other crime that would restrict your ability to purchase or possess body armor under any State or Federal law, (3) you do not intend to use the body armor for any criminal purpose and (4) you are over 18 years old. AMI reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse to sell body armor to any person. Additionally, the sale of body armor to residents of Connecticut is restricted to in-person sales, unless the sale is made to certain law enforcement or military personnel. AMI will only sell to government entities, law enforcement, military, first responders, and other qualified personnel with proper credentials (eg; CCW permit, PI license, Armed Security Guard license, etc...).